November 27, 2010

Baby Fever

I apologize that I haven't been on here is awhile and it is due to not knowing exactly what is appropriate to write on here. I read a lot of public blogs where I think.."I can't believe they just said that"! The thing of it is though is that blogs should be like that. They are a way to open up to how we really feel and exactly what IS going on in our life. Well based on my above title I think it is obvious what is going on in my mind...

I NEED another baby. Baby fever has finally set in. Sophie seems to be at the age now where she might find it fun to have a little sister or brother around. I can't stop looking at Sophie's clothes as an infant and wondering what the next little one will look like. I have so much love (and time lol) in my heart that I am ready to share it with another human being. So not to jinx myself or anything but I believe Jared and I will be officially trying...Februrary! We are both ready for the beautiful little miracle to happen a second time!

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