July 19, 2011

2nd Trimester

Well in about 4 days I will officially be in my 2nd trimester. This pregnancy has been a breeze compared to Sophie which really makes me ponder if it is a boy? I had a good couple of weeks of extreme nausea and maybe I throwed up twice, but then out of the blue it all went away. :) No more nausea, no throwing up. One downfall is that we are waiting for our master bathroom to be built this summer so in the mean time (at 3 am) I have to walk my happy butt all the way downstairs to pee. :( I really would be happy with either gender as I (obviously) love little girls, and I don't have a boy yet so that would be fun, but Im really thinking this is a boy. Sadly, I have to wait until the beginning of September, maybe end of August to find out what little dot is. In the mean time, here is my belly at almost 13 weeks. Enjoy!

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