October 24, 2012

Family Update

Violet became 9 months old yesterday and it has sunk in that very soon she will be 1. With our busy lives it has just gone by TOO fast. It feels like just yesterday we were walking in for our c-section wondering what she looked like.
Here are some of her updates:

Weight: Her appt is friday but Im guessing somewhere around 15 pounds.
Lenght: same as above
She sleeps from 7-7 but sometimes I wake her up at 10pm to nurse...its my fav time to nurse
She is taking two naps a day that range from 1-3 hours
She eats 3 full meals a day and dinner is babyled weaning (we feed her what we eat)
She can sit on her knees unassisted
She can crawl extremely fast
She can pull herself to standing
She is just starting to walk with her toy stroller push thing
She is extremely smiley
She is a mommas girl ;)
She LOVES her big sister and gets excited when ever she sees her
Her favorite toys are keys and cups

I must say..I am SO happy we have made it to 9 months of nursing yesterday. I NEVER thought I would make it this far. Things were so hard and dissapointing with Sophie's nursing issues I thought the same thing would happen here. She is a champion nurser still and I know she will probably be one of those babies that has a hard time weaning.

Sophie is almost 3.5!!! I cant believe that at all. We concieved Sophie in October and its crazy to think that was 4 years ago! She is loving preschool and is very intelligent. She knows every shape and I MEAN every shape..including octogons and hexagons. She loves to sing and dance and is quite the little ham. She is THE most friendliest little girl and sometimes she makes us nervous as she is TOO friendly.We are considering attempting ballet again after the holidays. We put her in when she was two but we felt she was too little and it was just a game of chase and try to get her to sit down. So now that she is 3.5 we are going to attempt it again this Janaury.

Jared and I are pretty excited for the future. Jared has started on his bachelors degree program this September and recieved news that he has over HALF the credits for the program so he will only be in school for a year and a half! He plans to work for a year after he graduates with some sociology type job and then go back to grad school for Occupational Therapy. I have finally turned in my application to the Birthingway midwifery school. The deadline is for spring 2013 instead of winter term like I had hoped but Ill take it. Now I just sit and wait and HOPE that they accept me into there Lactation Consultant degree program. Im very proud of Jared and I. We have two kids and most people would say it should hold you back but its the complete opposite for us. Our children drive us to do better. We have views of owning our home someday and being able to afford the education we want for our girls. So again...I am VERY excited for our future.

Lastly, everyone keeps asking us when we plan to have more kids and the answer is NO time soon haha. As much as Jared and I plan to make this family bigger we still want to spend some special time with the girls first. We want Violet to be the baby for awhile just like Sophie was for two years. We will probably aim for our kids to be the same ages apart. I also want to finish my school first and if I get accepted I have 1.5 years of that. Nobody wants to drive to Portland pregnant hahah ;)

Well there is an update of our family!
 Sorry I havent been on lately....Im just enjoying motherhood <3 p="p">

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