July 16, 2010

A Little Slow...

So I am a little slow at getting on here...
Today has been an very irritating day that has only made me angry.
Here is why:

1.) I am upset that my daughter has to stay on formula for 6 more months as I believe her weight is fine and she is simply small.

2.) I hate how life keeps reminding me how I could not breastfeed. It was one of the things I wanted to do the most and due to Sophie's weight and size it was simply not capable. She could not latch and was losing weight FAST! I just wish I would have had a better support system to help me figure out a way to get past the latch issue.

3.) Sophie has switched from cloth to regular diapers and this irritates me. She had been using G Diapers faithfully until I lost my faith in them. They leak like crap after only a couple months use! She is so cloth to potty training I did not see the use (or financial need) to go into another $500 cloth brand. (Bumgenius)

4.) The three things above irritate me because I like things going my way. We are eco-friendly family and had planned ot keep it that way.

5.) Lastly I did not get the pharmacy tech position and have to stay at the crappy nursing home.

Those five things suck.. but on a positive note I made a delicious dinner. Whole grain basmati rice with Aiddells sausages and a fresh salad. I am also trying a detox diet out. It involves drinking lemon juice and flax each morning. I am not doing this to lose weight but to simply release toxins from my body.



All in all life is good.

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