July 25, 2010

Trying to feel new

One thing I always try to keep in mind while being a relationship is keeping that "New" feeling. If we all look back the beginning of the relationship is usually the most beautiful. The courtship is so inspiring and makes you feel so secure with yourself. So every one in awhile I try to take myself back to the day when Jared and I first met. It is actually a pretty cute story:

I was living in Oregon with a roomate at a time and I had met a really good friend named Dawn at my work. I worked at a nursing home caring for the elderly (which I still do). I was looking for love in all the wrong places and starting to feel totally over it. One night I had all my girl friends over to my apartment (including Dawn) and we got a little drunk. We started being really stupid and talking about how much we hate men. My friend Dawn went to the bathroom and I grabbed her phone (keep in mind I was drunk). The girls dared me to dial a random guys number and prank call him. I found Jared's number in her phone (did not know him) and prank called him. Needless, to say he was not to happy about it because the next day I got a text from him saying that he didnt appreciate people prank calling him at 2 in the morning. lol. I apologized and we started texting each other all day. We asked each other about our likes and dislikes. My friend Dawn came over that day and called him to come hang out at our apartment so that we could meet. He came over at 10 pm and we went to the park. He pushed me on the swings and we started the flirting. WE went back home and talked till 4 am. He went to work at the pool at 5 am and immediately came back over after work. (no sleep). He took me to the fair and the rest was history.....

I am just so glad I picked his name from her contact list.... :)

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