August 1, 2010

Internet Scams

It's always nice to wake up in the morning and do your online banking only to discover there is an anonymous tune of $34.95 taken out of your account. After doing the detective work I find out it is from a website (much like netflix) that was supposed to have been free. In fact it said... "FREE NOTHING WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT"..... I guess since reading that I didn't think it wasa very necessary to worry. WRONG! I guess it is my own damn fault though. That is what you get for falling for it I guess. lol

On a different note. Life in the land of Jessica is going pretty awesome. I like my new job even though it is still nursing home work. The employee's are nice there and the work load isn't so strenuous that you want to die (Like Puget Sound Healthcare).

I still plan-plan-plannin away on this wedding. It is kind of fun. The hardest part is planning our honeymoon. I have so many options....

*Whistler, Cananda

Which one?

Oh btw: Here is the link to the website you should use

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