September 20, 2010

Life As We Know It

I am considering a couple changes in my life right now that will most likely benefit me. We have just moved into the new hosue and it is wonderful as always. What is not so wonderful are our finances. We used to have this big hole of debt and in the last couple of years this hoel has slowly closed up. Now thi hole is starting to re-open and I can feel my insides getting weak. It all started after I lost my AMAZING job from providence as a hospice aid. I knew it was onyl temporary but for those last couple weeks I held out my hopes in getting on full-time. Now here I am back at work in a nursing home and HATE IT! How did I get backwards?

So here are the things I am going to change.

My mood:

I can not change what is happening to us right now. I need to accept the fact that things will be tough for the next couple months but eventually we will get a break. I will hopefully be done with school by next summer and hopefully get a WAY better job.

My choices:

I need to stop basing my decisions on how others will percieve me. This is a lose:lose situation. I want to start living my life the way our family intended it. HAPPY.

My Finances:

F*** them.


no but really. I can not change the position we are in so I am going to stop redoing my budget every hour to see if there is some hidden loop to achieve more money. It is what it is!

On a happy note...

I love my house

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