September 29, 2010

Happy As A Clam

Now I know I only work two days a week and I am glad I contribute to the family but I hate leaving Sophie. I get a weird sense of saddness when I go to work. I have always seen myself as a SAHM, and as I get closer and closer to finishing school it is a bittersweet feeling. One of accomplishment, and one of a lose. I will have to become a full-time 40hrs a week mom. Not that I have anything against that life style its just I like mine more. I like seeing EVERY little thing. I dont like the though of daycare either. I didn't have my children just to let someone else raise them. Sophie is currently being watched by my mother for those two hours that overlap Jared and I's scehdule. All I am saying is... I want to better myself but the next time I have a baby I dont want only 3 months before I have to shove them into daycare... what to do??

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