August 2, 2011

Two is better than one?

Im starting to doubt this a bit. lol
No, I am very excited for baby number two, I have just become a bit overwhelmed with somethings I am needing. For instance, I need a double jogging stroller. This can not be compromised. Jared and I walk/run almost everyday and I can not do this with a four wheel stroller. Second problem. I own sort of a hatchback type car, so the norm for double jogging strollers will not fit into either of Jared and I's cars!!!!! :(
So I found this awesome stroller that fits my needs:
.....until I discovered it came to almost $500. :( Why can't there be a double jogging stroller out there that folds down amazingly and only costs up to $300? Im finding it amusing that the thing I am going to have to spend the most amount of money on is a stroller lol. Went and looked at REI and just about shat myself seeing some strollers costing as much as $1000.00! a bit ridiculous...just saying

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