August 29, 2011

Sophie is talking!

Our little Sophie is talking up a storm lately. Jared and I tried to count how many words she knew and it was close to 100 words! I can not believe how big my little girl is getting, seems like just yesterday she was 5 lbs. Yesterday, we enjoyed a fun day at the Lattin's Cider Mill. sophie went around to every animal and made all of the noises associated with that animal. Her favorite animal is a cow and all of us crack up when she attempts her deep "Moo" noise. Aside from that, we are just trying to enjoy our last couple months with just her. We feel this is an important time to make her feel really special before her little sister/brother gets here. We know she will be an amazing big sister, but we also know that new territory can cause some jealousy. All in all we are just going to hope for the best.

Sophie watching Caillou...she freaks out if I don't put it on first thing in the morning lol

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