September 6, 2011

I love how we get hot weather in September...

NOT! I should be enjoying hot cocoa and starting to see some leaves fall but no. This week is going to be filled with the weather we were supposed to get back in July when it was cold. I am kind of over it seeing as we have had the most bi-polar weather this year ever. Well, I am doing ranting about the weather.

Sophie is seriously cute I cannot even stand it. She (bless her heart) can't pronounce "Violet", so she calls her "Pirate..or Pilot" and then kisses my belly. We crack up though because Sophie is not used to mommy's tata's being so abnormaly large so sometimes she gets confused and tries to kiss them instead. It is really fun to see Sophie experiencing all of this with us. We both know it will be a big change when Violet actually gets here but I am sure she will be happy she has a little sister.

I pychopathically already have designed Violet's whole entire room. I don't want to give away too many designs but I will give you one clue..."It will be purple"! lol

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