January 8, 2012

I haven't been on here...

...for a very long time lately, so I thought I would make a post even if it is about absolutly nothing!

I am pretty nervous for tomorrow. I had really hoped baby V would go head down so I wouldnt have to have a c-section..but that is not the case. Tomorrow morning we are going in for an ECV or a External Cephalic Version. It is basically a procedure in which the doctor attempts to manually turn baby V head down with his hands on my belly. It can be quite painful and has a low success rate. they usually give you a uterine muscle relaxer but I have opted to not have it because it can give me some crazy side effects. It lowers my chances even more but at least I am trying. I dont have a good feeling about it, but I want to be able to say I tried everything. My nerves are on the very rare risks that come with an ECV. Sometimes a baby can go into distress from it, or your placenta can abrupt from your uterus. Both cases result in an emergency c-section. I am trying to not think about it..but come on...who wouldn't.

Besides that...we are just busily preparing for baby number #2 and the new year. this year should be amazing and we have a lot of fun stuff planned as a family. We are thinking about going somewhere for vacation in Marchish???

blah..hopefully I get some sleep tonight. I can't eat tomorrow either..LAME!

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