December 12, 2011

Note to self..

Christmas shopping with a 2 year old at 33 weeks pregnant is a BAD idea!

Yesterday we went to the mall and did our Christmas shopping. It was highly stressful because who LIKES christmas shopping? We came home and I noticed decreased fetal movements from baby Violet. Called my Dr. and decided to go to the hospital for a non-stress test just to make sure she was ok. When we arrived they checked my vitals like they normally do and discovered my blood pressure was high. This whole pregnancy my blood pressure has been nice in 108/68. It was 149/89 at the hospital.

They started the non stress test and of course Violet then started kicking and making me look like a looney toon. They think that maybe she finally turned head down and that is why I feel less movement. (Fingers crossed on that one). Then the Doctor came in and freaked me out. Told me he needed to get some blood and urine tests done because my blood pressure was at a rate where if I had pre-eclampsia I could possibly have seizures. He said if my blood came back toxic I would be admitted and possibly induced.

Waiting for those blood tests took forever. The one thing I have said to Jared time and time again was PLEASE dont let me develop pre-e with this pregnancy. It sounds scary. Luckily, everything came back normal so I was sent home to rest until I see my Dr. tomorrow. My blood pressure has gone down dramatically since I have left the hospital so I think I will blame christmas shopping for this one...

My only hope is that for the next couple weeks until I give birth my blood pressure stays down and I dont develop awful pre-eclampsia.

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