April 13, 2012

The 30 Day Shred (Half way done)

I have all along planned to do this video postpartum as I have heard amazing things about it. I about half way done and thought I would share a picture of my progress so far. It says 21 days because a week prior to starting this video I started working out so wanted that time to count as well. I had a cesarian section so I wasnt allowed to work out until about 6/8 weeks postpartum. I started working out 8 weeks postpartum and Im very happy with my results so far. So here are the half way pictures!


Jessica said...

Is that with the Jillian DVD? I'm really wanting to try it since I am way overdue to loss some lbs. Also, did you diet too? I heard that when breastfeeding not to diet hardcore but idk. I'm just curious. I'm really thinking about doing it if i get a -hpt this month. :)

Mrs. Swehosky said...

Nope I dont ever diet especially with breastfeeding. I just eat healthy foods. Im anti dieting as I think as long as you eat the right foods and workout your body will do the rest. and I love this video because its only 20 minutes and I dont have much time haha