April 16, 2012

An honest blog

Having kids brings out some serious emotions within yourself. Hubby and I moved back to Washington almost four years ago. We have my parents which I am grateful for but we both realized tonight that our family and friends have dwindled. When we started our family we both envisioned being so involved with family and friends. We looked forward to backyard barbeques and holidays spent with the ones we love. It has become hard though. My sister and her family are in another state for school, my brother is joining the Army and will soon be gone this summer. Jareds brother is overseas and his parents live in another state. Most of my friends from highschool have went their seperate ways and same for Jared. You can only attempt to be involved in others life for so long if it isnt worked on both sides. My extended family is far away and Jareds extended family is all over the United States. Minus my parents (thank god for them) we really dont have anyone. I wanted my kids to grow up with other family/friends kids. It is hard when you pictured more people in your life...and we don't have any.

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