May 28, 2012

A few things..

...That I recommend.

Coconut Oil
A friend recommended this to me as I use cloth diapers and most diaper creams contain zinc which can cause your diapers to repel. It works amazing. I even added a little cocoa butter to it in a jar as well and we never have a raw behind or rash. I also discovered that it really helps Violet's exzema. We put some all over her body after a bath and let it air dry.

Kiss My Face spray on sunscreen
I hate using sunscreen that you have to lather all over a squirmy child. So I prefer a spray..simple and easy. I also like this brand because it is a little more natural than other brands.

Homemade laundry soap!!
I made this recipe back in January for a total of $12..and I havent even used half of it yet. It works great on the clothes as well and makes them smell nice.

Gro-Via Cloth Diapers
Wesoon discovered after Violet was born that we couldnt use cloth diapers with synthetics as itmade her exzema horrible. So we made the switch to natural fibers and decided to go with Gro-Via. We were not as found of their newborn diapers pictured above as they were front snaps and didnt hug as tightly. So she grew a little bit and we put in her their OS side snap diapers and adore them! Way worth the money..especially if you consider how much you save.

The infamous Ergo...
I was hesistant in buying this because Im not a fan of baby carriers..I love my trusty sling and Moby wrap. Within buying this I sold my Moby and sling with 2 weeks it was THAT good. It feels just a great as the Moby and still get that connection of closenesss with the baby as it holds the baby in a natural position and grows with the baby. The thing I LOVE about it the most is the back ALWAYS hurt with baby carriers with my oldest Sophie..i can barely feel this one. I have to say out of everything I bought..this is my favorite baby item thus far.

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Jessica said...

I love coconut oil! I substitute it in many recipes.
The uses in coconut oil seem endless! :)