June 6, 2012

Line Drying My Cloth Diapers!

Im pretty excited about this. I have been waiting all summer for a decent day to this! My hopes are that the lingering clouds go elsewhere..but other than that I am excited!

If I have a dryer why would I line dry you ask?

Well I have a couple reasons but number one being that it uses less electricity in your house..none! One of my main reasons for cloth diapering is for cost so to prove my point I try to find the ways to actually make it cheaper. When you are washing diapers every other day the cost could possibly add up over the years. Another reason is that it also suns my diapers at the same time. Breastfed babies leave hideous stains on diapers and the sun gets rid of them. I know it sounds crazy but I have done it a couple times already and all the stains are gone. Last but not least....I find it fun. I know that sounds crazy but I enjoy finding ways to be self-sufficient in my home.

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