July 21, 2012


..you just have to put everything in perspective.

People are humans and sometimes it is easy to forget that. I come from a family where you dont hold stuff in. When I was younger if my siblings and I got into a fight my parents would call a family meeting. They would sit us down and say for 20 minutes we could say whatever we want without getting into trouble. We would all talk at once getting gutsy with our words but eventually by the end we made up and felt better. I carried this trait with me my whole life but sometimes it gets me into trouble. Its hard to not feel bad about yourself for a trait you have. You sit back and think "Are you good enough..whats wrong with ME"!
But when it comes down to it...people are humans...and everyone isnt going to like you. That doesnt mean you should change the kind of person you are..it only means that you should learn and grow from the experience.
Lessons like this make me so scared for my girls. Life really can be mean to you. I want them to grow up strong and beautiful and confident in their decisions. I am learning as a parent that you can not protect your children from everything...but MAN do we ever try!!

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