February 28, 2013

Terrible 3's

because every year is terrible.

Let me start this by saying I absolutely love my little 3 year old Sophie and wouldnt change her for a second. I just feel like writing down some of the humerous things we parents find annoying helps. So here goes:

Sophie has become obsessed with bandaids. Its becoming quite expensive to keep up with all of her many battle wounds she just "swears" that she has. The other day she came out of the car and told her daddy her finger hurt and she needed a bandaid. Daddy told her no because her finger was fine but he would kiss it. From 0-60 we heard the following noise/cry/screech "I NNEEEEDDDDDD a bandaid"!! So being the pushover parents we are we gave her a bandaid. The fake cry immediately stopped and she gets an asshole smile on her face (yes I said asshole) and says "All better". Now Im sure your thinking Im being mean and that she is just 3. She is just 3, but like most parents I also think my child is out to get me.

So our poor little dachshund takes QUITE the beating from Sophie. Hugging to Sophie is basically a death choke from a pro wrestler. Just imaine a 3 year old with the most cracked out look on their face "hugging" a poor puppy. Meanwhile our dog is totally screaming for help o.O So anyways, puppy is sitting on daddys lap and Sophie comes up and shoves the dog off his lap..and hard. She immediately gives her "hug" and we can already see the look on our dogs face and read her mind "why..WHY this family". Have you ever watched Finding Nemo? Do you remember the little girl Darla? Yep....thats Sophie. Jared and I immediately screech "No Sophie be nice to the puppy". 0-60 she screeches/cries/screams.... "I was just LOVING my puppy"!! Yes Sophie....just not to death please.

Im changing Violets diaper and Sophie asks me if she can do her exercises (aka jump from couch to coffee table) and I (smart mom) shoot down her dreams and say no. Her little dolly stroller is about 2 feet from Violets head and suddenly Sophie ets a smile on her mouth and asks if she can exercise with her stroller. As a parent you MUST give your child the benefit of the doubt sometimes so of course I said yes. Suddenly I hear "WEEEEEEEE" as she pushes the stroller as hard as she can into her sisters head o.O Sophie:1 Violet Head: 0

Im being lazy and dont want to make dinner again so I take Sophie with me to go get some dinner from Taco Del Mar. We get out of the car and she throws a fit because I didnt put her coat hood on right and I didnt put her bear into her carseat buckled in. While holding her hand and walking into TDM Sophie makes sure to stomp into every puddle she can find. One drop of water gets on her shirt and she asks for a new one. I tell her no and she screams. I tell her if she is good for just FIVE minutes Ill give her a cookie (sue me). We are waiting in line at TDM and I tell Sophie to hold my hand and she doesnt want. Since she is 3 I dont have to worry too much about her wandering off which Is nice. So I let it go. Im trying to pay and the kid is totally running away from me because I told her she cant have chips AND a cookie for dinner. o.O I give her THAT mom look and she comes back...but of course she has to make it known she is upset. She stands next to me and does that thing kids do where they fold their hands into their armpits with a loud "hmpph". Because I was ignoring it that girl did it seven more times with each time getting louder and louder.

I wonder every day why my hair isnt gray. This girl is giving me a run for my money! At the end of the day I feel so much guilt from all the time-outs and screaming. Yet, something happens. I go up to her room and I see her clutching her blankie from birth and her fingers in her mouth and I realize she wont be a baby for long. Some day I KNOW Ill look back on these days and miss them. So for every "hmpph" and sister beat down Ill remember that inside is a baby girl who will soon blossom and grow into a teenager...and THEN I will commit myself....

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