January 22, 2013

1 Year Old

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I couldnt wait because I was so excited. Violet turns 1 tomorrow at 3:40pm. Its so crazy how fast this babies first year went. With the normal day to life of a 4 person family this slipped right up onto us. I thought I would talk about the day she was born!

The night before the 23rd I coudlnt sleep. Its different when you KNOW your going to have a baby. With Sophie my water broke so I had no idea. I told Jared over and over in tears that I didnt think I could go through with it and that I had planned to go to Mexico and see if they would let me give birth in a hospital with my breech baby. He reminded me that with my special uterus this was best because there ISNT any studies done on delivering a breech baby with bicornuate uterus and it being safe. I just wanted my baby safe and that was all that mattered. That morning my dad was going to help me take my math final so I wouldnt have to do it with a new baby and because he knew it would help take my mind off things. So all morning we took the test which I ended up getting a C- on anyways haha! After the test myself, my mom, and Jared drove up to Olympia to have you. I remember it feeling like I was going to a Dr.s appt...reall odd. They brought me back and set me up for prep. Due to the storm they informed me that my Dr. had forgotten she had me scheduled and the only Dr. I had available was a Dr. I disliked. I was really upset. I remember going into a fog and blocking the world out around me. Jared, myself, and a nurse walked down the hall to the OR room. As we reached the doors I let go of Jareds hand and felt really sad for a second. I expected a really cold room..but it was amazing. The walls were painted PURPLE! It was like they new you were coming and painted them just for you! I was very scared but the Anethesiologist giving me the spinal was like another support partner and he made me feel very safe. Jared came back in and held my hand and we waited for you. 20 minutes later we heard the sweetest tinyest little lamb cry and you were born. 7.8lbs 19 1/2 inches at 3:40pm (1 minute before mama was born)



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