August 7, 2013

Midwife Appt.

I had my midwife appt. yesterday and it went really well. We saw baby Freya and she is at the moment sideways and SOMETIMES head down so I'm keeping my fingers crossed she stays head down. It would truly suck if I had ANOTHER breech baby. My weight gain is surprisingly going well considering with both the other girls I gained WAY to much weight. We discussed emergency procedures for home birthing and it made  me feel more at ease with my decision (if everything continues to go well). I had no idea that midwifes actually carry certain drugs/instruments Dr.s do in case of an emergency. My midwife has been delivery babies for 30+ years and she feels very confident everything will go well. The only thing she worries about is if I have the baby before she gets there since I dilated very quickly with Sophie (1-10 in 45 minutes). I labored with Sophie in the hospital after my water broke for 10 hours and couldn't relax because I was having such a horrible time (craptastic hospital) that when I finally go the epidural 10 hours later I went from 1-10 centimeters in 45 minutes because my body was so relaxed finally. so she thinks since I will be home and more comfortable it will go quickly. So anyways...I am HALF WAY done! I don't enjoy pregnancy so I'm looking forward to this journey almost being complete in my life and being able to have my body back!

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