September 4, 2013

Midwife Appt.

Today's appt. made things all too real for me. Baby is snugly sideways. I know that is better than breech but it is still NOT head down. So we are pushing the chiropractor now and I am starting the same exercises I trie with Violet from

The reason this is getting all to real for me is that if anything, the last thing I want is a c-section again. It is a hard concept to have a c-section only for fetal positioning. My baby wasn't in distress, she was just head up. It sucked to realize this was simply from a abnormal type of uterus I it is my fault. C-Sections are not fun and the recovery is emotionally and physically draining. So I would like to avoid this AGAIN.

Aside from weight gain was naughty this month! I need to lay off all the late night bad food snacking ;)

I am a couple days from viability. This means baby will be viable to live outside the womb if she were to come early. I am not hoping for this at all but it is a comforting milestone to achieve. We have 16 weeks left until out little Xmas present arrives and I am so excited!

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