October 1, 2013

The best midwife Appt.

Today was our monthly midwife appt. and I always enjoy going to see Laura but I have been feeling really down the last two months. I have been doing crazy things to get to turn my baby head down that never worked with Violet. Something must have helped because baby Freya is HEAD DOWN!
This is the biggest accomplishment we both have experienced this whole pregnancy. Jared was so shocked that he couldn't believe what he was seeing on the ultrasound! Besides that the midwife checked my blood sugar which was great considering I just ate pizza an hour before o.O and my blood pressure and of course my weight. I have already gained 25lbs which sort of blows but it is normal with me. I tend to gain a crap ton of weight pregnant. Even with this pregnancy I have been working out religiously, eating half decent, but still the weight packs on. but that scale could have read 100 lbs because nothing can make this day bad!

So now that fetal positioning is behind me I can finally focus on my HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean). I can finally get excited about it rather than pushing it out of my mind like I have been. Time to get everything in order like my doula, my birth photographer, and planning something incredibly foreign to me!

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