November 1, 2014

Wow it has been AWHILE!

I have not been on here in so long, that I actually forgot my password! So much has been going on in our lives and in a good way. We feel that now we have finally passed the "having babies" stage of our life and are now moving on to watching them grow up. Its been wonderful. Freya is 10 months and will soon be 1 and it has hit me that very soon I am done having a baby in the house. It has been difficult seeing the mountains of baby stuff in the girls closet and trying to decide when I will deal with it. For now..I wont haha.

I recently graduated and finished my Associates degree in Health care Administration. As much as I am proud of myself and will NEVER forget about it, I can't help but giggle because I know I will never use it. Jared and I have talked for awhile now and I'm pretty certain my dream is to have a huge farm. We have a lot of financial stuff we have to work on before we can even think about moving, but this is my goal. I love animals and I love feeling self sufficient. We currently have a small mini farm in our backyard with our chickens and it has been exciting and has filled a void for me. I am a country girl and its been difficult living in the city all of these years. Realizing I have to live here a little bit longer is tough but I know doing this the right way will make it all worth it in the end. Right now I am enjoying annoying Jared and talking about all of the goats, sheeps, pigs, and 1 cow I want. My dreams of a creamery and selling eggs. He is not on board with pigs haha.

The girls are doing spectacular. Sophie is 5 and it is so odd for me but SO exciting at the same time. With her being in kindergarten, Jared and I get to experience new things. Ill never forget how exciting it was to do a fundraiser with her. Violet is almost 3 and in full force naughty 2 year old mode. We are prepared this time around but man 2-3 is STILL hard. Freya is almost 1 and crawling and trying to stand on everything. We just finally moved her out of our room and into her own. Its gone smoothly...for her..because she still wants to wake all night to nurse. Im working on night weaning so we will see if it sticks.

So anyways....thats it! Ill try and update more.

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