August 22, 2016

I will never be...

I will never be the mom who creates Pinterest fun, and will most likely always buy playdough from the store
I will never be the mom who bounces back into her pre baby body even 12 years postpartum
I will never be the most put together woman when running errands and will likely have just discovered an outfit 5 seconds before leaving
I will never be the best at discussing politics, and may at times even need you to refresh my memory on what exactly shit is 
I will never be the best in my field even though I try
I will never have the most well-thought out responses to my kids behaviors, and will probably say the wrong thing sometimes

What I will be is...

I will always be the mother that loves you the most, the person who you can count on when you need a bandaid or to kiss your boo-boos
I will always be the mother with a soft tummy you can melt into when you hug me
I will always leave at the drop of a pin to help you, even if that means todays outfit is from the dirty clothes
I will always make you laugh 
I will always try my hardest even if I fail
I will always own my faults and be there to apologize and put my ego aside

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