June 14, 2017


Hey. You. Yes you. I see you. You aren't as clever and unique as you think. Unlike most stories, you aren't in the corner are you? You are in the center, you are in the center of it all. I know you. I know your kind. May I just take a moment to ask you when you stopped being human?

You see, I've noticed you on the streets. I see you as you walk fast, with a definite mission. Nobody can stop you. If you get something in your head, you will accomplish it. If you were a T-shirt you would say, "Accomplisher of goals". If you were a song, it would lead with, "This is the story of facts". Not a single person doubts your abilities. but you do, don't you? 

You see, unlike everyone else, I know that in the deepest darkest depths of your thoughts, you wonder why if you can accomplish so many things, than why (please answer me this) WHY can you not accomplish your MIND? Why does your clever, your witty stop and end there?

Put aside the accomplishments, and your brain is an empty wall. This isn't pity on your part. In your mind this is deserving. What people DON'T see is that in YOUR head it is your civic duty to be perfect. You are not allowed to collapse. You have to fix everything and everyone.You have to uphold your arrogance.  You are not allowed to be human. 

Humans are emotional. You can't be that. 

It is scary to feel. 

It is terrible to consider for just a single moment, that maybe MAYBE you might be human enough to accept your emotions. Crying is wrong. Feeling is your fault. You may only be happy EVER. You may only smile. You may only ever be smart, witty, strong. You can't let others see you are indeed human. 

If they see...they might hurt you?

What people don't see, is that next to your clever, your strong, is an overflowing bucket of YEARS worth of hidden emotions. It is full, and for the last few years, you my dear have been careless. I have watched you, thinking nobody saw. I watched your bucket seep out. When it seeps out you are lost. You are no longer strong and witty. This causes you to panic. Suddenly strong is gone, and you are a baby mouse trying to stay above the water. 

Stop filling that bucket. 

Poke a hole in the bottom and let it splash on the ground. 

Better yet RIP IT APART LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD and throw the emotions everywhere. 


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