October 2, 2010

Cabin Fever

I have cabin fever. I feel like my routine is wake up feed baby, forget to feed self, entertain baby,feed baby again, lay baby down for nap, homework, clean house, feed baby and jared, bed. I never leave the house and when I do it is for like a short little stroll around the house. I am gettin so overwhelmed. I never saw myself forgetting who exactly I was...

Jared and I had a talk today and we agree that I need to get out.. by my self. I need to get away from baby,, frommy day to day rituals. So we are going to get a Thorbecks membership. this way I go back to one of MY favorite things. YOGA. It calms and relaxes me.

Here is a list of why I need this:

1.) I am gettin sloppy on my routine

I am starting to feel like a robot and the only way I can stop is by rebelling so I get sloppy.

2.) Depression

I get depressed from being home alone all day. My only person to talk to is an adorable little girl who replies, "No, No", to everything.

The thing is that I love Sophie and Jared very very much but everyone needs a little "Me" time. People forget once they have children that they are still their own seperate being. I feel I will be a better mom if I am happy inside.

Not a robot.. :)

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