February 11, 2011

Anxiety Session #1

Anxiety is something that affects me and another million Americans today. I have decided to do something about it instead of being scared all the time. I am not embarrased to talk about it as it is quite normal and on top of it I have decided to start writing about my journey to overcome anxiety. I am seeing a professional counselor who deals directly with anxiety and has said it can be cured in about six sessions. I will chart each of these sessions and exactly how I am feeling.

A lot of people get anxiety and it is usually over something small or big like a spider or huge buildings. It can be over going in public places or being home alone. My personal triggers are dying and Claustraphobia. I get anxiety thinking of going somewhere where other people are and it is crowded. My heart starts racing and I feel that anxiety settling in. Another problem I have is worrying that something is wrong with me. I worry about dying and leaving Sophie and Jared all alone. For some of you, you might think this is crazy..for others you might understand.

So at my first session I learned a couple things about anxiety.

1.) Anxiety stems from right brain people.
* There are two types of people: right and left brained people. Left brain people are the type that are usually very smart and cut right to the chase. they tend to not look into things and state the obvious. Right brained people are usually more creative and more sensitive. Right brain people usually get anxiety because they read into everything.

2.) We as Americans know too much!
* Thanks to the internet and television we as American know too much. How many of you out there watch shows like Greys Anatomy, House, or C.S.I.? I sure do. Well thanks to shows like that which depict rare medical horror's, and unlikely ways of dying Americans (right-brain) tend to start believing that is the norm.

3.) Though has NO power!!!
* This was the most important thing I learned. A lot of times people with anxiety get so scared from the thoughts that race through their head. If you have been dwelling on a speech you have to deliver all day than when it comes time for the speech your terrified. This is due to us as humans giving thought power. For Example: Guns don't kill people..people kill people.

4.) Anxiety can not harm you!
* Like me, a lot of people who have anxiety become scared of anxiety itself. With your heart racing you begin to think you can cause yourself a heart attack or something. Not true! It is a known fact that adrenaline (hormone which causes anxious reactions) can only last 9 minutes. So physically you can only have a severe anxiety attack for 9 minutes.

So am I cured..nope. Though I hope at the end of this journey I am. I look forward to no longer being scared of anxiety. For those of you out there who have a similar scenario know it is ok to admit it. It is ok to work past it. Anxiety is completely cureable.


Anonymous said...

hey jess, i wish i would have been half as smart as you at your age. the truth is a didnt deal with my anixty till after shyla marie was born and it cost me alot of important time with her. i wanted to tell you how proud i was of you going to get the help it took for you to be a great parent. the truth is i have someone for years and she has helped me, but what also helped me ... time. when you dont die, when you dont get sick, driving didnt mean a crash, germs didnt mean flesh eating , i joke about it.... but the truth is i know .... time helps alot. *loves*

*Jessica* said...

I don't think I could have said it better myself. :)