February 10, 2011

What A Wonderful World

Have I mentioned I love Louis Armstrong?

Anyways, today is kind of low key, not much going on. I plan to get my wedding dress in today so they can make a bustle for it and steam it before the wedding. Thats really about it. Sophie is still in her jammy's as she spent the night at Nana's last night. Jared took me to go see, "No Strings Attached" last night and it was very funny. I would definitely recommend it. It was nice to get out for a change and not be couped in the house all day, but I know a mothers job is the best job out there. Speaking of which Sophie has been really acceling lately. She is almost completely potty-trained and she is saying sentences as well. Also, Jared and I put her in a big girl bed last week and it was a little traumatizing....for us. We can not believe how big our baby has gotten already. It seems like just yesterday we were still swaddling her. In about 5 months she is going to be 2 and though I am sad I am also excited to see her grow up. I am so happy with my little family and can't believe we are actually going to make a huge commitment to each other in about a week. We have come so far and I can honestly say I am marrying my best friend. :)

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