February 1, 2011

I give up...

...I am physically and emotionally drained. I am so tired of everyones mean and nasty comments and accept defeat. As I approach my wedding I should be nothing but happy but truthfully I am filled with sadness and dissapointment. It is crazy how trusting a person can be only to find so many people either saying hurtful things to or behind my back. It is so hard trying to make everyone happy for this wedding and I forgot about myself. I am so caught up with being everyones hero that I have cracked. I cant do everything. As the saying goes, "'I only have two hands". I just want to concentrate on myself but I am in so many places at once. I can not make everyone happy and have realized I am only going to start surrounding myself with people who love me. I deserve happiness and peace of mind and it would be nice if for once I could have that. My stress is so high and can barely remember to eat. I am scared to even get on Facebook for fear somone has something they need to say to make themselves feel better. I am sorry I can't afford for a million people to be at my wedding. I do not care if you want to be nasty and say you are not coming to my wedding for me. Go tell it to someone who cares... I am sorry I dont want to make my wedding in Oregon so that everyone but my family and myself can be convienenced. I am pissed I gave in to a wedding instead of Whistler when after all is said and done none of the people that were Bitched for are even coming? Most of all if I hear one more person act like I treat Jared anything other than loving I am liable to freak out on them. Until you see my life everyday quit acting like you live it. Just please people e get out of my life and get your own!!

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