June 17, 2011

Almost July

I can not wait until July for a number of reason :)

1.) Sophie's birthday

2.) Our vacation to Seaside

3.) Almost out of the shity, nauseous, 1st trimester

I really believe a vacation is just what the doctor ordered for me and my family. I just hope it is beautiful and sunny when we get there..not rainy. As much as I love some rain..not on my vacation.

Sophie's birthday was going to be at the park but I really do not feel like competing with S.T.P. so we are going to do some good old fashioned chuckie Cheese.

I want to be done with the 1st trimester. It totally sucks chasing after a 2 year old all day and feeling like your going to hurl at the same time. I am not really a "pregant" person. If I could I would just race to the baby part..totally over it..

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