June 22, 2011

Still in Awe..

..of the magical thing happening in my belly.

I only hope that this pregnancy does not go like it did with Sophie. I am already labeled high-risk which means sadly I have to go to the Dr.'s a lot more than I would like too. I have already started this pregnancy off too a rough start with a lovely bladder infection needing to be followed by antibiotics. For those who know me I absolutely hate taking pills of any kind...especially while I am pregnant. My body really does not like being pregnant. Not only do I have the worlds rarest crazy uterus but with sophie we had an amniotic band. For those who are out of the dark in these two subjects I will inform what they are.

Amniotic Band- These form within the sac of the baby and can either not be that bad or can be fatal. It is usually a long string. Why so bad you ask? This long string can attach to the umbillical cord and cut off oxygen to the baby. Or! It can attach to the limb of the baby and cause growth to stop! Worst part is...their is nothing you can do about it..just sit back and watch...The dr was watching mine in the last couple weeks in case it attached as then it would be an emergency C-section.

Bicornuate Uterus- My uterus is literally almost cut into two. I almost have 2 uterus! This means if I did have 2 complete uterus that I could get pregnant while being pregnant! Crazy thought huh? Luckily I just have a almost cut in half uterus...sort of lucky. This causes IUGR, pre-mature labor, or breech babies. Sophie had a little IUGR. She weighed about almost 4 lbs when we left the hospital at full term...so I can not imagine having her any earlier.

As for me with this one (minus bladder infection) I feel pretty normally nauseous and crappy..I can not wait until the 2nd trimester

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