June 27, 2011

Loving Life!

Things are finally starting to look up for me pregnancy wise! Yes, today I actually woke up not feeling like I had to barf! It was amazing. Some other really good things is that I have a 2nd interview tomorrow for an amazing job opportunity. One downside to it is that I have to put my sweet Sophie Ann into daycare a couple times a week. Jared and I feel hesitant about this but we also feel it will be good for her to get some social interaction from children as well.

Some other awesome things happening right now ...I plan on taking prenatal yoga starting in July! Jared really believes it is time for me to get out every now and then to have some "Me" time...This is code for "Your driving me nuts"! haha...but seriously I think it will be fun. I used to normal yoga but obviously I can not do that anymore.

Now that sophie is approaching two (tear) I am trying to decide wether or not I should put her into one of three classes: Ballet, tumble tots, or swim classes. Jared wants to put her into soccer but has a hard time grasping that they really do not have a soccer class for two year olds :) lol

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