November 2, 2011

Ultrasound Update

So for those who have been following I had a big ultrasound today to discover why I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. The reason could be nothing and it could be serious depending on a bunch of things. We wanted to go to the Ultrasound place within my doctors office but they couldn't get me in soon enough and sent me out to another place instead. They wanted to check for a couple things: 1) My cervical length because of uterus, 2.) My amniotic fluid levels, and 3.) baby's weight.

Baby could just be humungous and that could be the reason Im measuring so far along, but luckily baby was measuring spot on just like our little 5lb Sophie was, so we are expecting another little one. We then discovered little Violet is a footling breech, so unless she turns soon we might have to consider a c-section (which Im really hoping we dont have to do). My cervical length was checked....At my last cervical length check I measured 4.9 (5 days ago) this one I measured 3.1, so Im sure my doctor wont be happy about that as it could be a sign of preterm labor happening. Lastly, the checked my fluid and refused to tell me what it was which is suggesting to me that something in that department is wrong and I wont know until my doctors appt on Monday. The sort of freaked us out because they made us wait for 30 minutes will the consulted their on-call doctor about something. They said doctor may need to come in and explain something, but the doctor never did and just told us to follow up with my prenatal appt. on Monday.

So were a little freaked because we have a feeling something might be up with my fluid levels and I know my doctor is going to be unhappy about my cervical length. Being a stay at home mother, bedrest is not really an option. On the positive side, babies born after 28 weeks have a HUGE success rate in recovering fast so if worst come to worst we are 28 weeks this Saturday. Baby will have to go down to the hospital in Vancouver, Wa.....but ugghh Im just not thinking about that and hoping for the best.

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