November 15, 2011

What I'm thankful for

With Thanksgiving approaching it brings me into a sort of loving feeling. Thanksgiving is the reason we all sit and take time to think about the things we are greatful for. Sure, I can say the obvious that Im greatful for my children and husband but I am greatful for so much more. I am greatful for a large family that would go above and beyond for me. I am greatful that I have a place to call home while others may not even have that. I think from time to time people get too caught up in "getting" rather than "giving" that the holidays become not what they used to be. When I was younger the things I remembered most about Thanksgiving and Christmas were playing board games with all of my cousins, decorating the tree, helping my mom bake delicious christmas treats. When I was younger my parents used to give us $20 to get everyone gifts for Christmas. I can remember going to my schools "christmas store" and finding the most beautiful plastic ring..that I just KNEW my mother would love it and have no idea it wasnt real. When she opened it she loved it..I want that with my children. I want the value of money to not matter to them...I want Christmas and the holidays to be about giving again. This season I will be working extra hard to remember ALL of the reasons I am grateful for my life and remember to not take any of it for granted. When you take things for granted you can lose out on the most precious gift of all..innocence.

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