December 3, 2011


We decorated our tree today and it was sort of enjoyable. Jared and I bickered about how to hang Christmas lights on a tree while the cats kept leaping up and taking ornaments off. Though, all in all we accomplished it and it is up!

I can not believe it is already December. This is the last full month before I give birth to baby Violet. She is due January 28th but because of space will probably be here earlier. Sophie was born at 37 1/2 weeks so that would put us at about January 12th. I am fine with that date...I just really dont want a Christmas baby. For one; I cant imagine not spending Christmas with my baby girl (Sophie) and for two I can't imagine this little one being screwed out of a birthday every year.

Her nursery is complete (minus some bedding)and I am really happy with it. I re-did a lamp (in pictures below), and put some neat pictures up. all we need left is too collect some more cloth diapers and not over do- it. I went to Carters the other day and got WAY more than she really needed but newborn clothes are SO adorable.
Anyways, enjoy the pics of the nursery :)

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