March 8, 2012

First horrible day as a mom to two...

I knew it would eventually happen..why kid myself right? As a mom to two..two and under I expected this day to came today.

It started early in the morning when my lovely husband thought he would let me sleep in before we had to leave. He had good intentions..but 20 minutes to nurse baby, get dressed, and get Sophie ready for just NOT possible. After we dropped daddy off at work (his car is in the shop) we went to take Sophie to preschool. After I dropped Sophie off, baby Violet and I made a Starbucks run..which was VERY needed. I needed to run errands up North and called my mother to go up there with us. So we hung out for awhile before we picked up Sophie to go up North for shopping. Our first destination was Toys R Us...and it went pretty well until we got out ot the car. Violet was hungry and decided to nurse. As soon as she started nursing she made a massive shit with the loudest noise possible. She was under my nursing cover so I had no idea how made it was. Lets just say..shit should not make it up to your neck. So I had to do wipe bath in the back of my car and a complete change. We then went over to World Market to shop. As soon as we entered the store Violet decided since she emptied all of the contents in her stomach she was still hungry. So I pulled an awesome mom move and nursed her WHILE pushing the cart. My mom had the other cart with Sophie who apparently decided it was time to be a pain in my ass as well. She started throwing things from the cart to the ground and kicking my mother in the knees. It was really hard tohard to shop with no hands and my two year old making sure I looked like the worlds worst mother..gotta love her. After we left that store we ventured to Costco. What can go wrong at Costco right?  Free food testers and awesome stuff to look at? Well my mom went off while I took Sophie to go potty and get a hotdog as I was starving. We waited in line FOREVER for a hotdog only to find out they didnt take debir card..only cash. We then had to wait forever in the ATM line and then BACK in the hotdog line some more. The whole time Sophie is trying to dance in circles around me and yank my shoulder out of socket. We finally get the hotdog and waters and as soon as we sit down Sophie throws her water on the ground and ALL over this poor old lady who is checking her blood sugar...awesome..not. Fastforward to check out line...Violet ( my chubby hungry bear) decides she is still hungry (45 minutes later) and screams her head off while we are paying for our items. As Im trying to concole her Sophie decided it was time to take a nose dive out of the shopping cart..luckily I caught her just in time for everyone to stare at me in pity haha. Either that ir they were staring thinking I was crazy. We finally get in the car to nurse and Jared thinks thats an appropriate time to call my cell phone haha. At the same time my mom gives Sophie a chocolate muffin to keep her calm while we feed Violet and she gives us a cute smirk as she smears the muffin all over her face and hair...and then giggles.

Needless to say, I love my children..but good lord this is going to be a LONG 18 years.

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