August 9, 2012

No Poo Method Day 1

So being the hippy I am..I stumbled across this no-poo method that is apparently a pretty happening thing. Basically it is never using shampoo and conditioner ever right?

Now I know what you are thinking...umm no thanks..moving on. I believed the same thing, but for the sake of my naturalness I decided to research a little more. It isnt so bad. So here is the scoop:

Apparently our normal shampoo and conditioner is bad for our hair. It destroys our normal PH which in turn makes us need to shampoo our hair every day to every other day. This isnt normal. Our hair was made to not have to be washed so often. Not only that, shampoo is FULL of chemicals that seep into our brains and turn us into zombies...I kid.

So since I dont have much of a life outside of the home (or in the home lol) I have decided to give this a go. People do need to know that this gets worse before it gets better. It takes a good 2-3 weeks before you see gorgeous results. These results apparently make your hair BETTER and more healthy than before. So how do you do it?

From what I have read it is a tbsp of baking soda to one cup water in a water bottle with a whole punched through (to squirt out of) and a tbsp of apple cide vinegar (or white distelled) to a cup of water in another SEPERATE water squirt bottle invention. You lather really good with the baking soda mixture first (shampoo) rinse and then lather up with the vinegar mixture (conditioner.) Another plus about this little schindig is that after those 2-3 weeks you only have to wash your hair every 5-7 days!.

So here it is people..DAY 1

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