August 26, 2012

Not much...

....going on over here in the Swehosky household. We all have been sick from some nasty cold and I seemed to have gotten the last of it. Boo
We just got back from visiting family and friends in Oregon and we all had a great time. Violet and mommy went one way and daddy and Sophie went another. Sophie had a blast with her "boyfriend" Elliott and Violet enjoyed being oogled by everyone for her extreme cuteness.
This next weekend my sister is marrying her girlfriend Michelle and we are all looking forward to that as well. I can't wait for fall to come and e get to experience the holidays the two kids. I cant wait for violet to get a little bit older and be able to play more with will be beautiful to watch.

Other than that pretty boring. Still wouldnt trade it for the world <3 p="p">

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