May 19, 2011


This weekend we plan to completely lanscape the backyard. Maybe If I am daring I might post a before picture...who knows.

I have had a lovely little break from work (minus being sick) and must say I feel completely refreshed to go back today. It will be a little sad though because two of my favorite co-workers left last it won't be the same.

Sophie is in such a better mood since my mother put her on acidophilus. We had a bit of a scare at the urgent care center last week. We went in because we believed she just had a bad case of thrush. Well the doctors threw the "C" word at us (cancer) and told us to come back in a week if it wasnt gone and they would run the tests to see if she had mouth cancer. I seriously hate doctors for this. So we wont home and my extremely intelligent PHD mother insisted it was some form of bacterial thrush and put her on acidophilus...within three days it was gone.

So to repeat....I hate doctors

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