May 18, 2011

Hormones, hormones, hormones

Can't live with em..can't live without em!

But has started out rough. I woke Sophie to find she had slept in poo all night all over her bed. I just don't get how the child can be quiet about that. I would be flipping out if I pooped! So I plopped her into the bathtub as the mess was not meant for a one man job. lol Maybe it is just me..but I am feeling overly emotional today and know it is due to those lovely hormones us women get right before that son-of-a-B**** Aunt Flow arrives. It is so hard to describe the feeling to men but PMS is pretty much awful. You feel like you look. Your angry because your bloated..and your bloated because your angry.

Anyways I want to keep promoting things (healthy things) and this is totally off topic but I want to talk about promoting your local farmers! For all of those people in the Lewis County area..I strongly suggest going to the new local veggies store by sunbirds. They sell all of our neighbors fresh veggies, fruit, etc. On top of it they sell my most FAVORITE of things..Lattins Cider Mill Cider :) It comes from a lovely little farm in Tumwater/Oly area. Give this store a won't regret it

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