October 3, 2011


For most of you who know me, you know that I am a holiday nut. Once October hits I have already busted out the Christmas music. I find that having Sophie definitely makes the holidays way more fun. For this month, we plan to take Sophie again to the Lattins Cider Mill's "Apple Festival" again. They do this the last weekend of September through October and it is a lot of fun for the kids. They can pick out their own pumpkin, go on hay rides, ride ponies, and see all of the animals. For the parents..well...you can eat their delicious food. :) I really want to do some serious baking but I don't want to be baked out before Christmas. So I might look into some Halloween themed baking items. Sophie has really shown a huge interest in cooking. She will stand there for the whole time I am cooking just watching. We might have a little chef on our hands. Speaking of Sophie..I think I will end on a pretty stinking cute picture of her.

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