October 5, 2011

Sometimes I write about..

...absolutely nothing. Actually, a majority of the time I write about a bunch of random things, but I find that someday it will be nice to look back and reminisce about days back when. I am getting exceptionally excited about the upcoming holidays but I think I have already covered my obsession with this. Today and yesterday have been super lazy days and I am fine with that. It is nice to just curl up on the couch while it is raining and watch re-runs of Caillou all day with little Sophie. These are the days I will remember.

So I have been trying to decide on what to have Sophie be for Halloween this year, and I think I'm going to go homemade. Thinking  I will make her a Halloween tutu (orange and black) and make her into a cute kitty or maybe a puppy since we did that last year. Ideas..ideas...

Well I love ending on cute pictures so here you go:

Wasn't she such a frickin cute baby!

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