October 27, 2011

Stressful Doctors Appt.

I have had the doctors appt. from hell today. First, thanks to I-5 being backed up I missed my personal OB and got stuck with one that seemed to be way to bothered to answer any questions. As most of you knows Sophie was very small due to my bicornuate uterus..she weighed 5lbs13oz...not bad just small. Well the last couple appt.s my fundal height has been measuring big. 2 weeks ago I measured 3 weeks ahead and today I measured 5 weeks ahead. It freaked me out and asked her what that meant and she casually threw out that it could Polyhydraminos, our a big baby. Since my first was exceptionally small I figured it would be the Polyhydramino's. My blood sugars have been good as well so I doubt it is gestational diabetes. Anyways, I have my normal ultrasound scheduled on the 7th and apparently just get to wait it out until then. I tried to ask her a bunch of questions and she sort of half asses it and left me to Dr. Google. Polyhydramino's does not sound good. It basically means I have way too much amniotic fluid. This could be from the baby having something wrong with her or her kidneys not working properly. Im really pissed off that I get to just wait it out and find out later what is going on with my baby. I seriously feel sick and am pissed off that I can not just have a natural pregnancy like everyone else...

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