October 10, 2011


So the other day we carved Sophie's first pumpkin, one where she was actually able to help. We brought out the pumpkin and Sophie started calling it a tomato. We laughed and said, "Its a pumpkin", but she refuses to call it anything but a tomato. So we carved Sophie's first "Tomato".
Oh, and she actually ate pumpkin raw which I thought was super gross but she seemed to enjoy at. lol

Things have started to dwindle down in the pregnancy area. My cervical length checks are coming back great and baby looks great, so I am starting to feel more comfortable. I think I will luck out again and have a term baby again. Though, in all honesty I won't start feeling better until I am 28 weeks because if Violet was to come early she would have a very high chance of surviving and being healthy. Violet is definitely small again like Sophie so I want to keep her in as long as I can. Jared and I went up to St. Pete's to have a tour of the hospital again, and the nurses made me feel so much better. They have an awesome area for babies that are very jaundicy and small. One dissapointing thing is that our favorite pediatrician doesnt have privliges at St.Petes so we will have to have a hospital pediatrician while there and apparently they get a bit over concerned about small babies. We had to stay a day extra with Sophie and I didn't mind it, but this time now that we have Sophie I don;t want to be away from her for to long. :( So Jared and I are just going to hope for the best and hope for a 6lb baby at least.!!

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