September 10, 2012

How to wrap your baby?

I have recieved a lot of positive comments about my new found wrapping craze. Im still a beginner in all of this as I only learned there was more than an Ergo a couple months ago. Dont get me wrong..I LOVE my Ergo...but I also loved finding other things and learning about the art of babywearing. You know, there is a reason women in Africa wear their babies. Babywearing brings a close bond to mother/father and baby. It has been shown to reduce seperation anxiety in children and actually make them comfortably independant. Its all about trust.
Anyways, the one I get the MOST questions about is my woven wrap. This is a wrap similar to the looks of a Moby. a Moby is a great wrap for newborns and younger babies, and if you tend to have smaller babies than even longer! Though, I always was envious of the women who wore their babies on their backs. Stretchy materials like the Moby are not safe on backs and my Ergo didnt feel comfortable on my back. So alas! I discovered the woven wrap! These wraps are (duh) woven and have tons of support. It is not stretchy and is very safe on your back. So here are a couple videos that I found very helpful when I first started!

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