June 26, 2010

Another Day...

Today has been like any other day.. normal. It is nice sometimes to have normalcy in your life. It brings a sense of calm and makes you feel as though things are going the right way. In my life I can only hope for a couple things... happiness and family. I believe happiness is the key to most anything you may achieve. Yet finding true happiness can be hard for some. I know I have had my days where I simply can not find the happiness in which I want to achieve. Family is another thing I look forward to. I find happiness in my family so I guess that makes it a double hitter. I sometimes make up lists within my head. These lists are the way I keep myself sain. One such a list I am currently thinking of is a wish list. This list is comprised of things I want but probably only half of the things will actually happen:

1.) Finish Medical Assistant Program
2.) Watch my daughter blossom into an even more wonderful person
3.) Accomplish getting into a diagnostic sonographer program
4.) Become an Ultrasound Tech
5.) Move into our new house
6.) Get married
7.) Have another baby (after school)

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