June 18, 2010

A day in the life of a hypochondriac

For those of you that know me, you know I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac. I get these tendacies to "Over Worry" about my health. I do not exactly know where this started. It could have started when I was ten and all I wanted to read was my mothers, "A-Z Health Concerns", book. lol I find this ironic that now the profession I am entering into is the medical area. I am currently working towards my medical assisting degree and after that will be working on my Bachelors in Diagnositc sonographer medicine. Is it ok for a hypochondric to be working in the medical area? I have yet decided if this could be a problem for me. The more I leanr about diseases the more diseases I think I have. For example: the other day I thought I had Aids. I didn't think this because I sleep around or use drugs. No, I thought this because I researched severe sore throat. A list of possible diseases popped up and Aids was one of them. It stated.. "Aids symptoms can go unnoticed for years and then suddenly you can feel like you have the flu..". Instead of thinking "Maybe I have the flu", I started hyperventilating thinking I had Aids. I immediately started looking through my records to check and make sure my last blood test didn't say I had aids. (You think I would rememeber if my last blood test came up positive for Aids). I couldn't find my blood results anywhere so I called my mom. I told her I thought I had Aids and she started laughing. She then asked why I thought I had Aids and I explained the sore throat issue. She told me I was being ridiculous as usual and should try a cough drop..... it worked. .....To make a longer story shorted I don't have Aids. I didn't even have the flu, just a sore throat.

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Anonymous said...

Best advice: Step away from the self diagnosing books, and by all means don't look up symptoms on the internet. That stuff will freak anyone out! Also know that being a hypochondriac either starts or certainly worses once you have children...
Love you