June 20, 2010

Your Day Is What You Make It

I wrote this blog title not because I am a firm believer of it but that I wish did. I wish I had the patience to make each and every one of my days amazing and worthwhile. I am one of those people who wears everyone's emotions on their sleeves. If someone is feeling sad, I feel sad, etc. I know this is a bad quality. It is an even worse quality with the economy the way it is. It has taken a toll on my spirit and has slowly drug me down into the depths of depression. Yet, I know I am the one responsible for pulling myself out of it. I can make my day how I want it to be. I am the one in charge of my feelings. So, (with that mind) I am going to start practicing what I preach. I think I will make a list of things that bother me and start to make happiness appear out of them:

1.) Fighting with loved ones
2.) Crappy jobs
3.) People who are unkind/unfriendly to me

These three things but the crap out of me on a daily basis. I want to be happy and push these things of my shoulder. I can not change the job I have until I am done with school. I can not change how people feel about me. If they do not want me in their lives than I cna not fight it. Lastly, fighting with loved ones. I hate when everyone is stressed out and starts bickering. I will try to de-stress.

Well lets hope this works..

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