December 22, 2010

Being a young mother

I hate walking into a store and getting stares. I hate people looking at me and thinking I am 16 with a child. I know that I look young for my age (22) but I would really hope that people would stop and think. I made the decision to have a baby. No, it did not screw my life up. In fact, I will have my associates degree this summer and will be continuing right along with my bachelors in social services. All of my schooling will be done right at the time I will be 24. I only had to put school on hold for 1 year. I know plenty of people (without children) who do not have degrees at all and nobody looks at them funny. I have financial stability and a warm home. I have a loving fiance (soon-to-be-husband) who supports me and is also going to school. So what is so fucking wrong with being a young mother. I hate hearing people talk about how if they have kids they are going to wait until they are at least 30. GOOD FOR YOU! How I chose to raise my family is none of your business. I am not a slut, nor am I ruining my life. I am simply a young mother and loving it.

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